Once fulfillment of eligibility requirements has been verified, the Selection Committee will evaluate all eligible candidates.

The selection of fellows will be based on academic qualifications and research excellence.

In a first step of the selection procedure, applications will be assessed by the selection committee based on merit and potential, measured in terms of the academic record and personal achievements. Academic excellence is a must. Pro-activity, participation in community activities, and capacity for team-work are also taken into account. Applicants will be notified the results of the first evaluation stage by October 02, 2017.

In the second step of the selection procedure, short-listed candidates will receive invitations to visit ICFO for oral interviews with the selection committee and ICFO GLs, planned to take place on Thursday, October 26, 2017. The interview process involves a standard interview with the Selection Committee, including a presentation of the candidate’s academic trajectory and research interests, and individual interviews with ICFO Group Leaders.

The final list with candidates recommended for fellowship concession, as well as reserve candidates, will be available in the week of October 30, 2017. Being the last condition that shortlisted candidates find a hosting group at ICFO, candidates are asked to contact the Group Leader(s) of choice to negotiate directly a potential PhD in their group. Candidates and Group Leader should confirm within one week whether an agreement has been reached. Candidates without a match cannot be confirmed the fellowship.

At all stages of the process, candidates may contact ICFO Human Resources and Education via