The ICFO International PhD Fellowship program awards positions following a standardized admissions procedure that is rigorously applied to any PhD fellowship position. Generic eligibility requirements, application and selection procedure, and conditions apply to all positions. All candidatures received for the call for applications to the ICFO International PhD Program are automatically considered for the particular fellowship programs for which they are eligible.

Regardless of the specific funding mechanism, ICFO PhD Fellows will be fully funded for the entire 4-½ year PhD Program.

Details on the different fellowship programs currently available for application are given below:



The ICFOstepstone Programme, a MCSA-COFUND action of the European Commission, will award INCOMING Fellowships of 36 months to outstanding students who wish to obtain a doctoral degree.

The Programme will bring together top-level training and teaching for young scientists in a stimulating, international and interdisciplinary environment. It will offer the possibility of mobility within a network of excellence, consisting in partners of national and international research institutes and universities, as well as industrial partners in the field.

The positions will be offered for a period of 36 months(*), formalized via a dedicated PhD-contract, with an annual follow-up aiming at confirming the satisfactory performance, assessed by the Thesis Director and the ICFO PhD Committee.

The ICFOstepstone Program is a Marie Sklowdowska-Curie-COFUND action under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (GA  665884 and 713729), and will be awarding a total of 45 INCOMING Fellowships to outstanding graduate students between 2016 – 2018.

(*) An extension beyond these 36 months, for an additional 12-months period, is possible, but will be covered by alternative funding