• Eligibility & Conditions

To be eligible, candidates must have:

  •  An internationally-recognized Master-equivalent degree. The degree must be in a field of science and engineering related to the ICFO research activities. Degrees issued within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) must have an equivalent to 300 ECTS, out of which a minimum of 60 ECTS must have been obtained in postgraduate studies. Please, if in doubt regarding your academic eligibility, contact us at jobs@icfo.eu.
  • An excellent academic record, previous research experience and a strong commitment for scientific research.
  • A high working knowledge of English.

Persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. No restrictions of citizenship or gender apply to the ICFO International PhD Fellowship Program.

The conditions of the ICFOstepstone PhD positions are as follows:

  • Initial ICFO contract for a period of 6 months, while being pre-admitted to the PhD Program, with an explicit follow-up/ renewal procedure at the end of this first stage.  During this period, students already take part in the ICFO working environment, join a research group, and work with their supervisor to define a research project.
  • After this initial period, students are formally enrolled in the PhD Program, and the full PhD Fellowship activated. Fellowships are offered for periods of three years, renewable for an additional fourth year, and are formalized via a PhD-contract. Annual continuity and renewal are subject to satisfactory performance in the PhD studies and related research activities, evaluated annually by the Thesis Director and the ICFO PhD Committee.
  • Selected candidates shall start between September and October 2017.
  • All ICFO fellowships include medical care coverage and work accident insurance through the Spanish Social Security system, providing access to the Spanish public health care system.

Specific additional eligibility requirements and conditions, such as mobility requirements, may apply to the different funding schemes available.